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Roll-off your container with ease.

High volume containers, utilize one, or as many as necessary.

Flatbeds are available for side loading projects.

   This 2 in 1 Roll-Off Dump-Ster Trailer setup has unlimited applications. Contractors can own as many containers as necessary to meet their job site needs. This setup is also ideal for roofers, storm clean-up, farming. landscaping, even trash or recycling collection sites. Start a serious business, just use this trailer set-up with multiple containers as a unit rental and pick-up service.

(1) Roll-Off Trailer Frame
14,000 GVW
12-V Hydraulic Pump Unit with Hand Remote
Hydraulic Scissor Lift
Heavy Duty Winch with Free Wheel Release
Complete with Battery
7-Way Wiring Harness (RV Style)
D.O.T Conforming Lights & Break-a-way Switch
Front & Rear Safety Locks
Adjustable 2 5/16 Coupler
Drop-Leg Tongue Jack
Roll-Up Tarp Cover
2 Axle Brake
Safety Chains
External Battery Terminal

Gooseneck or Fifth Wheel
Spare Tire & Bracket
16 Radial Spare Tire & Wheel
7x12x3 (9 yard) box
7x14x3 (11 yard) box
7x12x4 (12 yard) box
7x14x4 (15 yard) box
7x12 Flat Bed
7x14 Flat Bed
Range of Colors Available


The payload carrying capacity of any trailer unit is determined by the GVWR of the trailer, the curb weight of the trailer, the GVWR of the tow vehicle and the curb weight of the tow vehicle. It is important that you determine that the trailer and the tow vehicle capacity is suitable to your application. Specifications are subject to change without notification.


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